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  • Why?

    I believe you are very special and an amazing human being. But you are so stressed, drained and un-motivated that you have forgotten to enjoy and witness happiness.

    Isn't there always something to do? Your to-do list is never ending.. no matter what you do there is always something left incomplete ... Your priorities never include yourself?

    I care deeply for you and I want you to enjoy every moment, get organized and lead a happy fulfilling life.

    I can help you.

  • Cook for Health

    Are you worried about your family not getting enough nutrition through meals?

    Do you want to impress guests by cooking healthy nutritious meals ?

    Cook for Health

    Are you worried about your husband’s cholesterol levels ?

    Are you worried about your wife’s sugar level ?

    Do you want lose weight but not by dieting but by eating well balanced nutritious fresh cooked meals ?

    Cook for Health

    Do you want to cook for your teenagers so they can focus better in this fast moving technological world ?

    Are you constantly thinking about how to provide hearty meals to your growing kids ?

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    Anything to nourish your body, mind and soul

    December 27, 2017
    How many of you are like me? You are in Starbucks …It’s your turn and you have no clue what these...
    My 12-year-old son, drenched in sweat came running to me screaming (since it was very loud) “Mom,...
    December 27, 2017
    Beautiful fresh luscious produce, colorful juicy fruits, aroma of fresh baked vegan gluten-free...
    You are taking your daughter to a birthday party. It’s a pool party.You brought a cute princess...
    Oh dear, I totally understand . I feel you ! Its sooooo frustrating when kids don't eat what they...
    Ugh ... Ufff .. Forgot the keys, Forgot to call , Forgot the appointment, Forgot the meeting......
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    Healthy Body

    A place for healthy body


    Healthy Mind

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    Healthy Spirit

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  • About

    My name is Sonali. I was exactly like you .. I have found some tips and tricks which helped me and I am very sure they will help you too.

    Being an innovative entrepreneur, a wife, a mom of two teenagers, health fanatic, keen organizer, passionate and spiritual person I am continuously exploring, implementing and practicing new techniques to make life easier, happier and enjoyable .
    I can't wait to share what I have learnt from my experiences . There are things which worked for me and things where I screwed up.

    I can share these tips/tricks about planning meals, about cooking, about mediation, about exercise and fitness, about relationship.

    Oh no no! I am not a super woman who knows everything..
    We will call expert on our YouTube channel and ask them our simple and complex issues ...

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