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    Healthy Indian Cooking Classes

  • What You Can Learn?

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  • What?

    “People who love to eat are the best people.” If you are foody and enjoy eating, you shouldn’t be refraining yourself from doing so.

    And the best way to enjoy good food is cook it yourself with like-minded folks.

    Why not add your feelings, your love and your positive vibes in the food while nourishing your body?
    At Sona Motivates- cooking classes we don’t just share recipe and cooking techniques, but we share our passion, our love, and our care with you. Our cooking class is just not any other cooking class but it’s an “love affair” worth experiencing😊

    Join our cooking classes where you “Cook for health”.

    You will not just learn the recipe, but you will learn all about the ingredients, their health benefits and food that will help you heal your mind and body.

  • 4 Reason to join our class!!!

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    Reason # 1

    Learn to cook...

    ....a full meal

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    Reason # 2

    Learn health benefits of spices and ingredients....

    ...from passionate dietitian

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    Reason # 3

    Authentic Indian style of cooking....

    ....from experienced cook

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    Reason # 4

    Hands on....

    ....Indian cooking experience

  • Some Recipes

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