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Marie Forleo

· Soul,Mind

I totally believe The Secret - the Universe grants us whatever we ask for….

One lazy weekend afternoon, I was alone at home relaxing and was flipping through channels only to find out nothing interesting to watch on TV. So took IPad and started browsing through YouTube videos. I stumbled upon this video link and instantly fell in love.

Anyways, I am working on my small startup company for couple of months and wasn’t sure whether I was doing it right but had a very strong vision and great passion.

I felt so much connected to her words and related to every aspect of her being.

Marie left her career and worked hard for passion exactly what I was doing.

She seemed extremely spiritual and she is a very grounded person. I adore her personality.
I always felt like doing 10 different things, many of my friends couldn’t relate to me. I always wanted to create a difference in this world through my presence and my passion. I absolutely believe in listening to the inner gut feeling and following the “intuition” that feels right.

“Clarity comes from engagement not thought….”

Basically, ideas should be acted upon. You wont know whether they will work or not till you try them. Most importantly the whole process of trying and failing will teach valuable life lessons.

Marie inspired me to think….

Now, I truly embrace the fact that I am extremely special, talented and gifted and I believe so are you…we owe this society, this planet our unique gifts. Marie emphasizes on the fact that we have to share these special gifts with the world and if we don’t, we are stealing from those who need it the most….

Success for me is enjoying every step of this (business) journey and celebrate who I am becoming along way. Cherishing where I am going because I am here to make a difference in this world every moment by contributing in every possible way.