• This year's targets

    10000 lb

    Pledged for 10000 lbs of food and so far we have reached 4000 lbs ... Please come forward to support the food drive for remaining 6000 lbs of food ..

    Clean-folded cloths

    Please make sure the clothes are washed and properly folded, arranged in a box ( no trash bags please)

  • How You Can Donate

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    Donate to Food for Poor Website


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    Send us the "lbs"

  • How You Can Donate

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    Donate Online

    Buy on Amazon


    Ship it to us

    Send us the "lbs", for address call us @(561)206-2824


    We will send

    We will send it to "Food for Poor"

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  • We care for

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    Food For The Poor

    July 2013 – Present

    Food For The Poor is one of the largest international relief and development organizations in the United States. By providing lifesaving food, secure housing, clean water, healthcare, emergency relief, micro-enterprise projects and education opportunities, we are giving the poor a chance at a better future. (from Food For The Poor website)

    For five years, I have had the opportunity to conduct food drives and donate more than 10,000 pounds of food to the neighboring islands around Florida. Feeding those who are need has been a huge dream of mine and through this organization, I have been able to achieve my dreams.
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    Friends of Foster Children of Palm Beach County, Inc

    2016 – Present

    Friends of Foster Children of Palm Beach County is a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of children in foster care in Palm Beach County. The agency, a result of a mutual merger of two longtime Palm Beach County agencies (The Foster and Adoptive Parents Association and Friends of Abused Children) created the vision to nurture the lives of foster children in Palm Beach County and transform their lives through services, support and education in order to overcome the effects of child abuse and neglect, so they can experience a healthy, happy childhood and become productive members of society. (From Friends of Foster Children of Palm Beach County website)
    For the past two years, I have been able to donate toys, books and clothes to this foster care agency. As a mother, I want every child to have the same love and affection as mine do. I am blessed that I can provide for my own children but, I would like to do more for other children as well, By donating materials, foster kids will have the opportunity to feel important and the feeling that someone else cares for them.

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    The Soup Kitchen, Boynton Beach, FL

    Aug 2015 – Present

    The Soup Kitchen provides a safe, clean, uplifting environment for those in need of food and fellowship. We serve the homeless, the working poor, the unemployed and their families. In short, we help people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in crisis. (From Soup Kitchen website)

    Apart from regularly donating Roti Wraps to the soup kitchen, I often go to The soup Kitchen to give nutritional talks to families and share my passion and knowledge about healthy eating. In order to create a change, families must be aware of the advantages of making healthy choices that way their kids can flourish and prosper.


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    Community Nutritionist - Palm Springs Middle School

    Mar 2017 - Present

    In this school, I work with kids who are hard of hearing by helping them eat healthy and teach them importance of food and nutrition. By helping these adolescents, I am able to encourage those who are struggling with their body image to focus on eating nutritious food. This is very important to me because the health of our nation lies in the health of our future generations and they need to know the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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    Community Nutritionist - Flippany

    2013 - Present

    I visit the centers around my area to talk about helping people eat healthy and spread word about healthy eating. I assisted their healthy eating and cooking classes. I demonstrate how to prepare healthy food snacks, lunch and dinner. I prepare a healthy food menu planner and cooking habits tips for each session.