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    Learn to cook sattvik food of India

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    Healthy Indian Cooking Classes

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    Cook For Health #Sattvik Food
    Healthy Indian Cooking Classes
    Cook For Health #Sattvik Food

    What are we cooking?
    - Two Khichadi Dishes (Rice and Lentil)
    - Moraiyo (Indian Sawa Millet)
    - Baked Sweet Potato

    Our Menu,
    - Vegetarian
    - Totally Gluten free
    - Low fat
    - High fiber
    - Easy to make and
    - Very very delicious

    Where? & When?
    Call us for details, (561) 206-2824

    What do you bring?
    Just yourself

    What will you get?
    - Goodies from Gfoodz
    Coming soon
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    No worries, join us for our upcoming class.

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