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    Cook and Eat for Health

    Healthy Lifestyle/Wellness Coaching

  • Why?

    I believe you are very special and an amazing human being. But you are so stressed, drained and un-motivated that you have forgotten to enjoy and witness happiness.

    Isn't there always something to do? Your to-do list is never ending.. no matter what you do there is always something left incomplete ... Your priorities never include yourself?

    I care deeply for you and I want you to enjoy every moment, get organized and lead a happy fulfilling life.

    I can help you.

  • About

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    I am Sonali.

     I was exactly like you .. I have found some tips and tricks which helped me and I am very sure they will help you too.Being an innovative entrepreneur, a wife, a mom of two teenagers, health fanatic, keen organizer, passionate and spiritual person I am continuously exploring, implementing and practicing new techniques to make life easier, happier and enjoyable .I can't wait to share what I have learnt from my experiences . There are things which worked for me and things where I screwed up.I can share these tips/tricks about planning meals, about cooking, about mediation, about exercise and fitness, about relationship.Oh no no! I am not a super woman who knows everything..We will call expert on our YouTube channel and ask them our simple and complex issues ...

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