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Do you know why mustard seed were kept outside the house in India?

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Long ago, Indians placed handful of mustard seeds to keep away evil spirits. But this isn’t in practice anymore, believing it to be just a superstition.

According to research, a tiny seed of mustard seeds generates a bioenergy field of 100 times its radius! These energy fields activate biochemical processes of the human body and encourage healing processes. So the Indians were smart to understand that mustard seeds energy fields will ward of evil (sickness, diseases and negative radiations) and help get healthy and fit.

Now-a-days some companies started making mustard seeds mats for getting full benefits of this amazing spice, isn’t it interesting?

Mustard plant belongs to the same Brassica family as cabbage, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

There are 40 varieties of mustard plants, but the most common sources are following three:

  • Black mustard: This plant produces black mustard seeds and are from Middle East and Asia Minor. These mustard seeds are very pungent, volatile and expensive.
  • Brown mustard: This plant if from the foothills Himalayas. The seeds of brown mustard are pungent and acrid tasting. They are used in making Dijon mustard.
  • White mustard: This mustard plant originated from the Mediterranean region and the seeds from this plant are yellowish colored. They are milder of than other two types and used in American mustard.

Health benefits:


1. Relief from respiratory disorders.
Mustard seeds have therapeutic effects in curing cold and sinus problems. Its acts like decongestant and expectorant which helps in cleaning the mucus in the air passage. Mustard seeds in seeds, powder or oil from can help in range of sinus related problems.

2. Prevents cancer.
Being a member of brassica family, these seeds contains generous amount of healthy phytonutrients glucosinolates, which are very helpful against bladder, colon and cervical cancer.
3. Helps heal from chronic health problems.
Mustard seeds are good source of magnesium and selenium, both these minerals are linked in helping improve symptoms of asthma, menopause and migraines.

Medicinal Home Remedies: 
1. Soak your feet in warm water with mustard seeds or oil in it for 20 minutes for relief from respiratory issues.
2. Boil mustard seeds in warm water and gargle with it for getting rid of sore throat and cough.

Mustard seeds are extensively used in tempering food in Indian cooking. “Tempering” is a traditional method used in Indian cooking to unlock full flavor and nutritional benefits of the spices. Spices are added to the oil heated at exact temperature and in right order. The first spice added is always the mustard seed (of course! If the recipe calls for it) since mustard seeds takes longer and its spluttering is extremely crucial for releasing accurate flavor and nutritional benefits.

One last thing, not only do I use seeds, oil and powder of mustard seeds, I also its leaves. If you are interested in knowing the recipe of mustard greens (Indian style) shoot me a comment....