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How to introduce celery to a "picky eater" ?

Oh dear, I totally understand . I feel you !
Its sooooo frustrating when kids don't eat what they should be eating...
Commercials, they have been watching on their 'Stupid' shows are not helping either.
All those sugar laden, high calorie, high fat, artificially flavored goodies are constantly bombarded on their innocent minds....
No matter what you do, your picky eater outsmarts you by not trying anything new ..Until Now....

Here's a simple, easy, quick solution...
How about trying this super healthy, sweet tasting, naturally flavored, yummy smoothie?

Let Mama bear (in YOU) be happy and do her special victory dance !!!
Because you won, by feeding these nutritious ingredients...

Why Celery?
Celery is rich in phytonutrient antioxidants that contain anti-inflammatory properties. It is good source of many beneficial vitamins and minerals. According to "Serving your child celery on a regular basis will ensure the supply of essential antioxidants that protect against various diseases and cell and DNA damage caused by free radicals." Celery seeds can be used as remedy for indigestion.
Celery is excellent for adults. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swelling and pain around the joints. Celery sticks acts as a diuretic, which helps to remove uric acid crystals that build up around the body’s joints. It is rich in fiber thus helping cardiovascular health. Fiber is very useful for its digestive benefits. It helps keep your bowel movements regular, thereby reducing constipation.
There are so many more health benefits of celery that can I cannot stress enough how important it is to have celery in your regular diet.

Why Banana?
Bananas are well known for their potassium content, the potassium in bananas can help prevent muscle cramps after exercise. Banana contains vitamin C, vitamin B-6, manganese and fiber. A banana provides some iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus as well as vitamins A and E, folate, carotene and choline. Bananas also contain trace amounts of many amino acids.

Most importantly, For an adult a banana in morning will start your day off right and will give you the energy to make it through to lunch without snacking.

Why orange Juice?
Orange juice is quickest easy way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C and it tastes awesome. It gives a fresh, citrusy-sweet and sour taste to smoothie.

Why Almonds?
Almonds are extremely good for your heart. Almonds are rich in the vitamins and minerals that help build a healthy heart, especially vitamin E. It contains many protective nutrients – calcium and magnesium – for strong bones. Almond contains phytochemicals, which may help protect against cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Most of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated, also known as the “good” fat. This little nut is also loaded with minerals like phosphorus and zinc, as well as lots of healthy fiber.

Now why Ginger ???
I love ginger … its smell and its taste… but not sure about you, so kept it optional.
But if you are nutrition crazy like me, you will love it anyway.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant properties. Ginger is always a goto for any kind of indigestion problems like nausea, stomachache, vomiting. Gingerol, from ginger has powerful medicinal properties. It is used as remedy for cold and cough paired with honey.

Ginger has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and improves various heart disease risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes. Ginger may lower cholesterol levels. Ginger contains a substance that may helps prevent Cancer and it may improve brain function.

For, instructions on How to make … check the video below